Customer Self-Service

We ensure an open and transparent process management through a self-service customer platform . Each customer can receive information about the condition of the building’s equipment, record faults, provide inquiries, track the progress and duration of the works, including the entire history of the works performed.

The self-service platform stores the following data which can be relevant for building managers:

  • Records all completed maintenance and repairs, emergencies and inquiries in 24/7 mode.
  • Real-time tracking of work order inquiries.
  • Convenient reporting and analysis of data history: by a period; by an object; by the type of the message (emergency/repair); by the system; the be beginning/end/duration of the works, etc.
  • Access to the full information (messages, technical information about the object, statements on the performed/planned works, acts on the defects, report on the performed works/energy, contracts for technical maintenance and energy supply, bills, letters).
  • Personal logins to the system.
  • Data access in 24/7 mode from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Storage of information throughout the entire contract term.

Customer Service Centre

We have the only 24-hour specialised Customer Service Centre in Lithuania. Therefore, our customers can rely on us and be sure to receive answers to their questions, requests, remarks and suggestions in a timely manner. The Customer Service Centre registers messages and transfers for performance at any time of the day. .

The Centre’s dispatchers immediately register calls in the system; communication with customers is stored in accordance with proper protocols to ensure a prompt response and transparent process of call registration and analysis.

We work throughout Lithuania, responding to all urgent calls with a response time outlined in the contract and agreed on with the customer.


  • The only specialised Customer Service Centre in Lithuania.
  • Available for call 24/7.

Reporting on Current and Completed Works

We provide our customers with electronic monthly reports representing a summary of the completed works: repairs, emergency or additional works. Information presented in an electronic format can be used for data analysis with the help of charts and diagrams. These analyses show the costs spent on the maintenance, the period of works and processes, the nature or type of the registered messages and other relevant information.

We collect complete information about the object on a regular basis and store it in electronic form. This enables us to promptly provide our customers with all the necessary information related to the condition of the building, stages of work progress, required investments and help our customers to plan and set the necessary works to be completed.


  • Data surveys on customers' objects.
  • Transparent data presentation.
  • Continuous data analysis.

Work process registration

Engineers and general service technicians working on-site promptly register faults, rectify them and transfer all information to the system which can be easily accessed by the customer by just one click.

The software is integrated into the internal business management system for prompt and accurate information exchange. We use and apply innovative approaches and work with the help of advanced mobile devices and applications to maintain transparency of all work processes.


  • Photographic evidence of works.
  • Prompt information transfer.

Quality Control

City Service Engineering pays special attention to quality control. A specialised department for quality control at our company analyses the needs of our customers to improve the quality of our work, and receive excellent evaluation and recommendations from them. We conduct customer surveys once a year. If necessary, we do more surveys. We also periodically check occupational facilities: vehicles, tools, work attire, and personal protection measures. We call our customers on an individual basis to get confirmation of the completed works and customer’s satisfaction. This serves as a means to evaluate the work being done by our specialists. We do a daily analysis of reviews on the quality of our services. We apply the ISO standards for the implementation of the quality control.

The expedient preparation made by our company for operation of electrical equipment, heating facilities and turbines, facilities of liquefied petroleum and natural gas has been evaluated and licensed by the State Energy Inspectorate.

Our company's activities have been certified for the compliance of standards by KIWA Inspecta, in the following fields:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO 45 001:2018)
  • Quality (ISO 9001:2008)
  • Environmental Protection (ISO 14001:2004)

Process Management

We use the most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies to record processes and promptly transpose them to electronic self-service platforms for the convenience of our customers.

We maintain transparent process management through continuous reporting, analysis and storing of fault history (logging) in the buildings.

A twenty-four-hour Customer Service Centre ensures prompt response to calls and by personal managers assigned to each object.