Our company activities cover the implementation of energy-saving solutions and measures intended to improve energy efficiency and meets the needs of every customer. Depending on the type, designation, age and other characteristics of a building, we can select and offer solutions for any type of utility system, from ventilation to lighting. We use our own resources to implement solutions and provide appropriate maintenance within the entire warranty term.


  • You will receive an investment decision and recommendations for energy efficiency.
  • You will receive an opportunity to save the use of energy by 50%.
  • You will improve operating efficiency of your current utility systems.
  • By reducing the CO₂ emission, you will cut down your impact on the environment.
  • You will take part in the implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive.
  • You will obtain a competitive advantage.
  • You will learn about the newest tendencies in the fields of energy efficiency.
  • You will share your experience and problems with a team of engineers/auditors.

We check the following:

Ventilation systems:

  • system parameters;
  • air flow control;
  • automatic equipment and control;
  • recirculation/recovery;
  • CO2 management;

Cooling systems:

  • performance and control;
  • adiabatic cooling system;
  • free cooling system;
  • circulation systems;
  • system adjustment.

Microclimate in premises:

  • automatic equipment and heating equipment control;
  • heating equipment performance;
  • flowchart;
  • air curtains and control;
  • air quality monitoring.

Energy consumption:

  • power Factor Correction (PFC);
  • selection of the optimal payment plan;
  • analysis of hourly energy usage;
  • check for optimal usage of the SGD potential.

Lighting systems:

  • equipment operating performance;
  • facilities control;
  • compliance with hygiene standards (HS).

Circulator pumps:

  • operating performance;
  • operational condition;