We ensure an open and transparent process management through a self-service customer platform . Each customer can receive information about the condition of the building’s equipment, record faults, provide inquiries, track the progress and duration of the works, including the entire history of the works performed.

The self-service platform stores the following data which can be relevant for building managers:

  • Records all completed maintenance and repairs, emergencies and inquiries in 24/7 mode.
  • Real-time tracking of work order inquiries.
  • Convenient reporting and analysis of data history: by a period; by an object; by the type of the message (emergency/repair); by the system; the be beginning/end/duration of the works, etc.
  • Access to the full information (messages, technical information about the object, statements on the performed/planned works, acts on the defects, report on the performed works/energy, contracts for technical maintenance and energy supply, bills, letters).
  • Personal logins to the system.
  • Data access in 24/7 mode from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Storage of information throughout the entire contract term.