Energy saving

The range of services our company provides includes energy consumption audits, analysis of energy efficiency solutions, and integration of energy saving measures in buildings and other construction of our customers. We assist our customers in the implementation of energy saving and energy efficiency solutions in buildings and other construction, arrangement of financing and applying financing models which result in cost savings because of the implementation of the energy-saving measures.

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We provide an authentic service guarantee - should we fail to find energy-saving solutions, we will pay you €1000 for your time!

* The offer is valid only for business entities.

Our highly skilled and trained professionals conduct equipment maintenance with the help of the most advanced and newest engineering technologies, bringing the operation of all facilities and utility infrastructure of buildings and constructions to the highest industry standards.

We fully committed to energy savings and a guaranteed level of energy savings to our customers.

Other Energy-Saving Solutions


EXERGIO is a platform for commercial building HVAC optimization. Its 24/7 fault detection and data analytics algorithms are optimized to guarantee maximum energy efficiency, resulting in potential savings of up to 25% on energy resources.


City Service Engineering offers its customers services covering energy audits that aim to analyse energy consumption, technical processes, and utility that help reduce expenses and improve the energy efficiency of the entire building infrastructure.


Our company activities cover the implementation of energy-saving solutions and measures intended to improve energy efficiency and meets the needs of every customer.


Professional management and control of building equipment can result in up to 30% in energy savings.


A thermographic inspection is an effective and reliable assessment method for evaluation of heat distribution in the building.


Many specialised companies advise and provide recommendations for energy savings.


Our specialists provide consultations, develop proposals and integrate various solutions for recording energy consumption and metering.


We practice the ESCO financing model for integration of solutions developed for energy savings.