About Us

City Service Engineering is a part of the City Service group, one of the largest building maintenance and management companies in Lithuania and Latvia.

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One of the largest facilities management business group in the Baltic states, with operations in Lithuania and Latvia.

The total area of managed buildings accounts 3,5 million of sq.m.

Our customers save at least half a million euros annually as a result of our specialists’ concerted efforts.

Our company applies flexible financing models, including the ESCO which involves payment based on cost savings (ESCO) and expense coverage from the contractor’s funds after integration of the innovations in the building.

About Us

The most important priority of City Service Engineering is high-quality, sustainable, and timely maintenance of the client’s property, so our clients can forget about building maintenance and focus on their direct activities.

We are always one step ahead of the competition, providing more excellent quality services while constantly improving and inventing.

Thanks to many years of experience, innovation, a strong team of experienced experts and the recognition of our customers, we are the leaders of the commercial building maintenance market in Lithuania.

Company activities cover the following areas:

  • Process Administration of Building Infrastructure Management
  • Maintenance and Repair of Utility Systems.
  • Energy and Renewal Management.
  • Technical and Energy Audit in Buildings.
  • Cleaning and Handling Territories.
  • Other types of activities related to the building management.

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