Our company cooperates with a reliable security company. Today this company services over 3 500 customers, including companies and private customers. This security company offers the most advanced and up-to-date video surveillance technologies capable of both monitoring objects and responding to registered events with its own resources.

Equipment offered for installation includes Full HD video cameras used to record everything that happens on the secured territories in real time. Furthermore, customers are able to monitor their property through a mobile device.

We consult throughout the day on the operation of the equipment and other security issues of the premises.

In addition, security services include the following:

  • Physical security of objects and persons,
  • Continuous and periodic on-site patrolling, security services during mass events,
  • Technical security of a house and its perimeter,
  • Installation and technical maintenance of engineering security systems,
  • Provision of consultations on the operation of equipment and other issues related to the security of premises in a twenty-four-hour mode.