Preliminary Audit

City Service Engineering offers its customers services covering energy audits that aim to analyse energy consumption, technical processes, and utility that help reduce expenses and improve the energy efficiency of the entire building infrastructure.

  • This type of audit includes compiling a list of energy-saving measures/opportunities and a report.
  • It also covers a preliminary estimate of the return on investments and energy-saving measures. Volume - 2,5 pages.

Specific Audit

The Specific Audit targets a specific system and covers preparation of an extensive audit and analysis of the selected utility system.

  • Evaluation of the current system's equipment;
  • Checking technological parameters;
  • Measurement of the actual parameters and evaluation of their values to determine their compliance with the projected values;
  • Faktinių parametrų matavimas ir atitikimo vertinimas projektiniams kiekiams.
  • Actual appraisal of system needs;
  • Preparation and submission of the audit report;
  • Preliminary solutions;

Analytic Audit

A comprehensive and in-depth audit in compliance with the requirements of the European Union directives.

  • Energy Consumption Analysis;
  • Evaluation of energy-saving measures/opportunities;
  • Estimate of investments, return on investment and proposal of commercial offers;
  • Conducting energy audits following the methodology approved by the Energy Agency (ENA);
  • Submission of reports and advising on the implementation of the suggested measures;
  • Technologies, auditing buildings and transport.