Facility management

Our company offers a full range of services related to building infrastructure management that can help save time. We were the first company in Lithuania to offer complex services to our customers in this field. Today we are ready to offer compound services at the highest level and at a reasonable price.

The service package includes complex building system and facility maintenance, office cleaning and maintenance of the adjacent territory, security services, debt management, and administrative services.

Since all listed services are rendered by one group of companies, we guarantee a professional and prompt response, including cost savings up to 30% to using your own in-house team and resources.

Security Services

Our company cooperates with a reliable security company. Today this company services over 3 500 customers, including companies and private customers. This security company offers the most advanced and up-to-date video surveillance technologies capable of both monitoring objects and responding to registered events with its own resources.

Equipment offered for installation includes Full HD video cameras used to record everything that happens on the secured territories in real time. Furthermore, customers are able to monitor their property through a mobile device.

We consult throughout the day on the operation of the equipment and other security issues of the premises.

In addition, security services include the following:

  • Physical security of objects and persons,
  • Continuous and periodic on-site patrolling, security services during mass events,
  • Technical security of a house and its perimeter,
  • Installation and technical maintenance of engineering security systems,
  • Provision of consultations on the operation of equipment and other issues related to the security of premises in a twenty-four-hour mode.

Territory and Office Space Cleaning

The wide range of services rendered by City Service Engineering provides owners or users of the building the opportunity to employ our cleaning services. Today, the total area of the spaces and territories managed by our company exceeds 22 million sq.m. Our customers include apartment blocks, commercial objects and office buildings, factories, shopping and business centres, and the public sector. We maintain order and cleanliness based on the needs of every customer.


  • Cleaning services for office spaces and adjacent territories.
  • Arrangements for waste removal.
  • Maintenance of lawns and greenery.
  • Lawn mowing.
  • The arrangement for seasonal works related to territory cleaning.

Waste management

Services offered include arrangements for management, collection, and removal of household waste in all cities and country regions. Depending on the customer’s needs and the volume of the waste which has been accumulated on the customer’s site, we work in cooperation with a subcontractor to find the optimum number of containers and offer flexible schedules for waste removal. If necessary, we can arrange periodic and continuous removal of bulk, hazardous and other types of waste to specialized landfills.

We can also arrange removal of recyclables from adjacent territories and office spaces and supply containers for the collection of recyclables.


  • Full range of services related to waste management.
  • Removal of recyclables and hazardous waste.
  • Supply of containers.
  • Flexible schedules for waste removal.

Administration and Office Management

Depending on the nature of the customer’s business, we can take the lead on performing all administrative duties in the office. This allows the client to focus its human resources entirely on adding value to the business.


  • Office administration.
  • Handling correspondence.
  • Office supplies.
  • Supply and maintenance of tea and coffee machines.
  • Potable water supply.
  • Order and supply of foodstuffs.
  • Fruit supply.
  • Other services.

Services of Occupational Safety

City Service Engineering can take the lead on all issues related to occupational safety requirements, health protection, employment and labour rights and fire protection. We will ensure application of all possible measures to keep employees safe and prevent accidents, exposure to professional risks and diseases.

Experts and specialists who work at our company provide consultations, organise training for staff responsible for occupational safety, prepare documentation related to this field, and notify the customer of changes in requirements for occupational safety.


  • Occupational safety documentation and application of additional safety measures.
  • Consultations for co-workers and managers.
  • No additional contracts.