Dear customer,

The surprise wave of COVID-19 this year has become a major challenge for almost the entire business sector. The inconvenience caused by the pandemic not only demonstrated the resilience of businesses, but also the ability to respond to the situation in a flash, flexibly adapting to the crisis caused by the virus. It has become clear that in some industries, the traditional business model is not prepared for such challenges, and provision of physical services to customers is either insecure or impossible at all.

Even before COVID-19, “City Service Engineering” developed and implemented digitized systems that allow to provide the highest quality maintenance services all of its customers while minimizing physical contact. We have long believed that this is the future of sustainable business, although the pandemic has shown that that future has turned into the present very rapidly. We are pleased to be the first on the market to be able to handle many building maintenances issues safely and sustainably in a remote way. Today we can firmly guarantee that we are 100% ready for that.

For more than 20 years, “City Service Engineering” has always strived to be one step ahead in the building maintenance market. We have no doubt that only with the solutions, innovations created and implemented by us and our ability to quickly react to changes have we earned the trust of our customers. Every year, we sign over 100 building management contracts with both large and smaller companies. Today we provide services to more than 9000 clients throughout Lithuania.

We are responsible for the maintenance of your property; therefore, we would like to emphasize once again that we are able to carry out the organization of building management without direct physical contact at the customer’s site. For convenient and secure communication, we have created a new generation communication tool named “eCSE” – a self-service platform and mobile application for all users of the object. Many of our customers are already convinced that with this tool it is possible to solve problems faster, more conveniently and, most importantly, more safely, as physical contact is eliminated.

We have been providing services to you for some time in accordance with the new business logic. If we used to work according to the “Customer-Employee” principle, then from now on we provide services in a different way – as in “Customer-Perfectly functioning system”. As a result, the speed of the service changes, as the system allows to significantly speed up the resolution of customer problems. In other words, all requests are currently visible in the system, so they are processed much faster, and the customer is given real-time feedback when the status is changed.

We use digital products, and this ensures the provision of fast and high-quality services to you. In addition, thanks to digital technology, we can use the most suitable external partners and all this so that the assets you manage are only our concern.

We recently introduced another innovation – “Apex Intelligence”. This is a new model of building maintenance, which makes building maintenance significantly more efficient, requires less inefficient actions, ensures continuous maintenance of systems, reduces the risk of equipment downtime, increases work efficiency, and saves energy costs. Building systems are constantly monitored remotely, data flows are analyzed, and thanks to appropriate algorithms, the system automatically informs about equipment failures and anticipates possible failures and losses.

We strive to provide services perfectly, but sometimes we also make mistakes, but we are never afraid to acknowledge this and take responsibility. Despite the occasional problems, almost 350 “City Service Engineering” employees constantly take care of the smooth management of your building every day.