There are some services related to commercial building maintenance, such as work of emergency service, that cannot be provided remotely. The Company continues organising activities of the emergency service and of the specialists performing various repair works in such a way that allows as little contact with customers as possible. The specialists are supplied with all necessary safeguards, and therefore they go to objects in full preparedness and abiding to preventive measures.

Placing a respirator on the face

• Before placing a respirator on the face, be sure to disinfect your hands.
• Before taking off a respirator, be sure to disinfect your hands, also wipe the inside and outside of the respirator with a disinfectant wipe or disposable handkerchief dampened with disinfectant. After cleaning, place the respirator in a bag.

Hand disinfection (these rules also apply when the worker is wearing gloves)

• Before placing a respirator on the face, hands need to be disinfected and gloves to be put on. Following these steps, the respirator can be placed on the face.
• When taking off a respirator, hands need to be disinfected, the respirator and gloves taken off, and then hands need to be disinfected once again.

How to disinfect hands?